Sultan Lapawawoi Putra Indonesia (SLPI)

SLPI engage with farmers to empower them and create a sustainable relationship that integrates business with various agricultural stakeholders.
We take feedback from farmers from time to time to review our procedure implementation and keep on improving them in other to increase food crop production.


Large Production

The province has the largest coconut and rubber production in the region and has abundant land.


The provinces has abundant cheap labour.

Great Potential

The long coast line and large water area of Riau provides great potential for fishery and maritime related sectors.

Natural Resources

The province has fertile soil and rich in natural resources, fruits, and vegetable.


The province is strategically located at the Malacca Straits, which is the main commercial gateway from Indonesia to Singapore and Malaysia

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Sultan Lapawawoi Putra Indonesia (SLPI) established in 2020 as a commodities supplier. We take pride in our humble beginnings by placing empower farmers and continuous improvement as the cornerstone of our activities and focus on creating value in a sustainable manner, as we believe these are the keys to our long-term success



We also continue to update the information about the company through social media, for the latest information you can follow our social media.

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