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Sultan Lapawawoi Putra Indonesia (SLPI) established in 2020 as a commodities supplier. We take pride in our humble beginnings by placing empower farmers and continuous improvement as the cornerstone of our activities and focus on creating value in a sustainable manner, as we believe these are the keys to our long-term success. We nurture new businesses, but also work on expanding our existing ones and to develop close relationships with our business partners and stakeholders.

Indonesia is one of the major coconut producer in the world, contributing about 27% of world coconut production. The three largest coconut producers in Indonesia with are East Java, North Sulawesi, and Riau. Together, these three region produce about 60% of total Indonesian coconut production. At present our company has partnerships with more than 100 coconut farmers in the Indragiri Hilir region, Riau Province. Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) is the largest coconut producer in Riau, where 63% of its residents work as coconut farmers. About 85% of Riau’s coconut plantations are located in Inhil (BPS, 2015). Therefore coconut farming become one of major economic activity on Inhil, contributing about 95% of total plantation product. 

We collaborate with community local farmers who have been established for over 10 years in derivative products, such as Crude Coconut Oil (CNO), Cooking Oil (RBD CNO), Edible white Copra, Coconut Briquette Charcoal for Shisha and BBQ, Coconut Fiber, Coconut Peat Block, Desiccated Coconut, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Copra Meal. We also cooperating with Agricultural Training Institution in Indragiri Hilir region. This community was ready to provide lessons on processing white copra with export standards to the public for free.  


Great Resoursces

We provide some flagship fruit in Riau with a high production, such as pineapple, papaya, banana, mangosteen, sapodilla, rambutan, guava, star fruit, betel nut, konjac, brown sugar, palm sugar, cinnamon, taro, ginger, coffea, cucumber, etc . Fruit production center in Riau is in Kampar, Siak, and Indragiri Hilir. These three regencies contributed to Riau’s total production in fruit production in Riau.

We also provide great potential for fishery resources like fish, shrimp, shell, crab because Riau has long coast line and large water area.  The  total  area  of  inland  public waters   in   Riau   Province   reaches   296,506   ha consisting of 22,955 ha of lakes, swamps of 181,006 ha  and  92,545  ha  of  rivers.  The  potential  of  the inland  public  waters  either  from  rivers,  swamps, and  lakes  is  14  232  tonnes  per  year  and  has  been utilized more than 96,73 %.


Become the world’s leading commodities providers. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for commodities buyers. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company.

Our motto—Improving Farming, Improving Life—emphasizes that our vision reaches far beyond just being a commodities suppliers. Our success in fulfilling our vision is measured by customer satisfaction, team member loyalty and excellence, return on capital investment, improvement in the state of the environment and local and larger community support.


  • To bring passion, drive, and success through trading in commodities to each of our partners
  • To create synergy and profitable growth
  • To support and empowering farmers
  • To help farmers leverage on local and international markets 


Supporting local farmers and providing reliable supply to customers are our commitment. We maintain our values and well planted in our culture. Our values are:

  • Delighting farmers by providing sincere and sustainable training
  • Delighting customers by deeply understanding and exceeding expectation
  • Delighting our team by providing fringe benefits, demonstrating professionalism,  training on myriad skills and areas to deliver the best outcomes for customers.
  • Delighting society by understanding of society’s needs with good ethics.

We also continue to update the information about the company through social media, for the latest information you can follow our social media.

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