Madu Hutan Riau

Bees are transforming the livelihoods of residents in the Riau province where honey production is on the rise.

We provide Madu Hutan Riau which is natural raw honey that is directly extracted from Sialang tree beehive. The colour of the honey ranges from light red to black and is triple strained through a combination of rattan and mesh screens: once in the forest and twice more before bottling to remove wax, bee wings and other unwanted solids.

No cooking, pasteurisation or sterilisation is used. The Asian giant bee (Apis dorsata) is the largest honey bee species in the world and develops large hives of forest honey on the underside of Sialang tree branches which extend broadly and can exceed 50-cm in diameter.

The bees collect pollen from hundreds of different sources in and around the forest, creating the unique nectar which defines the distinctive taste of natural, raw Sialang forest honey.

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