Mangosteen is known as the Queen of Fruits. The white pulp is sweet and can be eaten raw, or made into candied fruit, juice, salad, or even cake.

It can also be eaten with seafood and curry. It’s beautiful claret colored nutshell is bitter, but can be used for making tea. Mangosteen pulp is rich in dietary fiber, sugars, vitamins, and various minerals including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Being high in anti-oxidants, mangosteen is a very good choice for your health. We provide mangosteen from palas island at Riau which is has different than others.

The distinct difference between this mangosteen and the regular mangosteen is in the shape of the fruit, the length of the fruit stalk, the shape and size of the lobe or the number of stigma lobe markers, and the number of fruit segments.

The uniqueness of our mangosteen lies in its slightly flattened fruit shape (height / diameter ratio of about 0.8), shorter fruit stalk (1.0-1.6 cm), lobe ellip stigma shape and lobe stigma size 35-44% of fruit diameter.

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