Papaya (Carica papaya) is the oval or pear-shaped fruit of a large tree-like plant.  The plant is sensitive to frost and can be grown only in tropical regions.

We provide premium papaya varieties California Papaya that has sweet, orange flesh, and the other yellow flesh. These fruits are grown over an area of 10 hectares at its Riau plantation and we carefully maintains strict quality control of its papayas in keeping with the company’s consistent standardisation for both the appearance and taste of all its fruit products.

As such, our papayas offer a smooth skin and firm inner texture representative of the company’s rigorous efforts to deliver top quality fresh fruit varieties.

Our California papaya has the advantage that the fruit is not too big (0.8-1.5 kg), thick and smooth skin, thick and chewy flesh and sweet taste. This is what makes other country look to papaya fruit from us. We also provides a phytosanitary certificate as a guarantee that our agricultural products are free from plant-disturbing organisms according to the requirements of the destination country.

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